About Licensed 2 Star Parelli Professional™ Angela Nott
My earliest memory of wanting to ride a horse was when I was 4 years old.  I had to wait until I was 5 before the local riding school would let me ride the shetland, it seemed to take forever to reach 5! Go to the site and get efortuna at our casino. Limited supply!

As a child I continued riding ponies that my grandparents brought home to their thoroughbred farm until my sister and I got our first horse, Sandpiper.  Later I rode lease horses until I brought my very own horse Juno, a rich red bay gelding.  I rode Juno and other horses through my early teens at the local Pony Club, One Day Events and Gymkhanas until I purchased my current horse Lacey who has helped changed my life forever! 

Lacey was a dapple grey, that was forward, she was unreliable at saddling, floating and tying-up, but I loved riding her and thought I would find a way to help her, it wasn’t me!  In the late 90’s I attended my first Parelli Clinic with Neil Pye and we started on our new journey together.  Sometimes things were not easy as I found my limits, but through the support of the Parelli Program and Parelli Professionals Lacey and I have accomplished some great achievements.  

In 2007 we achieve Level 3 in the Parelli Program.  In 2008 Lacey and I attended the Parelli Celebration in Sydney and we performed in an Online Spotlight achieving a 92.5 from Pat Parelli!  Then in 2009 I embarked on my Externship at the Parelli Centre in Florida to become a Parelli Professional.  At the end of my 12 week externship I was awarded my 2 Star rating as a Parelli Professional. 

As a 2 Star Parelli Professional I am now embarking on a new part of my journey, to help make the world a better place for horses and humans; teaching humans to teach horses and to grow my knowledge of horse development. 
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